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California Sweepers is an authorized distributor for Factory Cat Industrial Floor Sweepers and Floor Scrubbers in Central and Northern California. Buy, lease, or rent a Factory Cat Floor Sweeper or Factory Cat Floor Scrubber for less. Schedule a convenient time to receive your free onsite demo at your business Free, No-Obligation, Onsite Demonstration! .

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Order Factory Cat parts and service today to save money maintaining your Factory Cat Floor Sweeper and Factory Cat Floor Scrubber. Our highly-trained staff serve all of Central and Northern California throughout the regional territory Thousands Served Since 1983! . Improve and maintain your industrial floors for less using California Sweepers

Clean Industrial Floors

The highly-trained staff at California Sweepers are environmentally-conscious citizens offering safe and cost-effective floor cleaning detergent to maintain a safe and environmentally-friendly work place. You save time and money when you order Ask for volume discount! industrial floor cleaning detergent from California Sweepers.

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Improve & Maintain Industrial Floors For Less!

Free Onsite Demo

Free Onsite Demo Factory Cat Floor Scrubber & Floor Sweeper

Free Onsite Demo