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We Rent, Lease, Sell, Repair, and Love...Floor Cleaning Equipment!

California Sweepers specializes in durable Floor scrubbers that will last for years. 

If you are tired of your floor scrubber sitting in a corner for lack of parts or service, you have come to the right place! 

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Buy, Lease, or Rent a Floor Scrubber
California Sweepers can take care of all of your Industrial Floor Sweeper and Floor Scrubber needs in Central and Northern California. Buy, lease, or rent a Factory Cat Floor Sweeper or Factory Cat Floor Scrubber for less. Schedule a convenient time to receive your free onsite demo.

Service, Parts and Repairs 

Order Parts and service today to save money maintaining your Factory Cat Floor Sweeper and Factory Cat Floor Scrubber. Our highly-trained staff serve all of Central and Northern California.
Clean Industrial floors
The highly-trained staff at California Sweepers are environmentally-conscious people offering safe and cost-effective floor cleaning. We also offer detergent to maintain a safe and environmentally-friendly work place. You save time and money when you order industrial floor cleaning detergent from California Sweepers
Free Onsite Demo Factory Cat Floor Scrubber & Floor Sweeper
About Us

Established in July 1996, we are a family-run business that started in our garage 30 years ago, providing heavy-duty, long-lasting floor-cleaning equipment to Farmers and industry near our first location in the Central Valley. From there we expanded to cover all of the Central Valley, Northern California, and the Bay Area. We serve all businesses from the smallest restaurants to the largest manufacturing and warehouses, food processors, and cold storage.
Sanitizing Floor Scrubbing Video 
Machines From Factory Cat
Improve & Maintain Industrial Floors For Less!
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