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Powercat Industrial Floor Cleaning Detergents
Powercat industrial floor cleaning solutions offer a variety of floor scrubber detergents formulated for heavy-duty industrial floor and commercial floor applications. Powercat industrial scrubber detergent solutions are formulated for the most demanding circumstances. These Powercat detergents are designed to work seamlessly with Factory Cat industrial floor scrubbers. Use Powercat industrial floor cleaning products (shown below) to avoid chemical and environmental damage inside and outside your warehouse, factory, manufacturing plant, retail showroom, school, university, office park, and business center.
Powercat 797 HD

797 HD This Heavy Duty concentrate is the strongest alkaline detergent we offer. It is formulated for heavy soil, grease, oil and thick buildup. Popular in machine shops, auto and truck repair, and other facilities with oil, hydraulic fluids and cutting oils.

Powercat 707 Citrus

707 Citrus is a natural citrus based cleaner used to perform general cleaning and moderate soil removal. This formula incorporates the outstanding cleaning and odor control of citrus extract and is water dilutable. Normally used at a dilution rate of 35:1 or 70:1.

Powercat 757 Gloss

757 Gloss is a high gloss detergent designed to dry to a bright shine. It is ideal for use on finished surfaces, tile, epoxy, or enamel. The special formula removes scuff marks and dirt, While leaving no light-robbing residue behind. The result is a clean, non-slip surface, ready for immediate use. This product is water dilutable, and is safe to use on most surfaces.

Powercat 755 High Power

755 High Power Industrial solvent fortified degreaser, This butyl based detergent is penetrating, fast acting, and deep cleaning with built-in corrosion inhibitors. USDA Authorized A-1.

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