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California Sweepers Offers FAQ To Help Businesses Choose Wisely
What's the difference between a floor scrubber and a floor sweeper?

A floor sweeper: employs brushes for a dry sweep, effectively eliminating dust and debris. A floor scrubber: takes it up a notch by cleaning with water and, often, detergent. And we offer a full range of preferred detergents for your machine. Our detergents are designed to work seamlessly with Factory Cat industrial floor scrubbers.
Does California Sweepers rent or lease industrial floor scrubbers?

Yes! California Sweepers is an authorized distributor for Factory Cat Floor Sweepers and Factory Cat Floor Scrubbers. California Sweepers maintains rental inventory for prompt delivery. Likewise, California Sweepers offers one of the largest OEM parts departments in America to promptly service and repair Factory Cat industrial floor sweepers and scrubbers.
Do you sell used or refurbished floor sweepers and floor scrubbers?

Yes, we do. Also, we ensure the reliability of your floor cleaning machine with a diligent and professional reconditioning process. Rest assured, your pre-owned floor sweeper or scrubber undergoes a comprehensive inspection, covering every aspect from the brush deck and squeegee assembly to the frame and batteries, and even includes new replacement parts. 
What are the advantages of investing in industrial floor scrubber?

Research studies worldwide indicate a direct correlation between employee productivity, employee moral, and employee retention as each relates to maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy workplace environment. When you use a Factory Cat industrial floor scrubber on your commercial and industrial floors, you achieve several benefits such as removing dirt which creates a cleaner workspace. In addition, removing dust can greatly decrease air-borne particles during a typical work shift. Moreover, a properly performed floor cleaning can drastically reduce spillage from a variety of chemical solutions, machine oil and other toxins. An additional benefit of maintaining a clean floor in your warehouse or factory comes from increased light, because a clean floor reflects more light thereby creating a lighter/brighter workspace.
What is the Warranty period for your sweepers and scrubbers?

California Sweepers & Scrubbers offers an industry-leading warranty period of 3 years for parts and 3 years for labor. And we even include the required time it takes to travel to your place of business! If your sweeper or scrubber requires service or repair, simply give us a call at 1-888-407-5500 or click here to get started.
Is it recommended to sweep the floor before using a floor scrubber?

Do you only have light dust? In that case, usually, floor scrubbing alone is sufficient. If you have more than light dust, we typically advise a brief sweeping. However, the ultimate answer relies on the specific debris on your floor. Feel free to reach out to us for guidance on determining the best initial step.
Will my company save time and money by maintaining a clean industrial floor?

The short answer is YES!

You can save a substantial amount of time and money by maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy workplace environment. To better understand where your savings occur please consider just some of the issues employers may be dealing with as described below:In the past 30 years, cottage industries have mushroomed worldwide to assist employers comprehend the complex nature of employee productivity, employee moral, and employee retention. Several national consulting firms charge employers tens of thousands of dollars to assess, test, and recommend change within the workspace. Oftentimes the employer’s management team undergoes retraining in order to achieve a clean, safe, and healthy workplace. Many of those national consulting firms place a great deal of emphasis on maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy workplace environment. As a business owner or plant manager, the duty is imposed to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy work environment. A Factory Cat floor scrubber can be one of the variety of cost-effective tools employers use as your method of protecting your employees, because a substantial portion of the dirt, dust, and air-borne particles in a warehouse, factory, or plant ultimately come to rest and accumulate on industrial floors. 
Cost-Effective Clean Floor Solutions
There are three viable ways to clean and maintain commercial and industrial floors. In the first instance, the business can purchase a Factory Cat floor scrubber. In the second instance, a business may decide to lease a Factory Cat floor scrubber by making monthly recurring payments over the life of the lease term. In the third instance, a business may decide to rent a Factory Cat floor scrubber to avoid the lease-to-own or avoid having to purchase the machine outright. Regardless of which of those three choices the business makes, the wisdom of cleaning the floor and maintaining a clean floor is a choice of wisdom, because Factory Cat provides the business three viable and cost-effective solutions whether to buy, lease, or rent.

Lease To Own Factory Cat Floor Scrubber
Leasing a Factory Cat floor scrubber requires the business to make a recurring monthly payment. This type of lease amounts to a “lease-to-own”. At the conclusion of the lease term the business owns their Factory Cat floor scrubber. The typical cost to lease a Factory Cat floor scrubber is actually quite reasonable. Although circumstances vary, the lease of a Factory Cat floor scrubber typically does not require the business to pay any downpayment and the first lease payment is not due until 30 days from the date of delivery. The lease to own deal is so popular that approximately 90 percent of all customers throughout Northern California utilize the convenient lease to own method to acquire their Factory Cat floor scrubber.

Rent Factory Cat Floor Scrubber
As desireable as the lease to own agreement is, some businesses simply do not have a need to buy or lease a Factory Cat floor scrubber, therefore those type businesses prefer a simple rent relation, as-needed in order to utilize a Factory Cat floor scrubber on-call basis. It is the feedback from businesses who teach us their respective reasons for renting a Factory Cat floor scrubber, such as in anticipation of an upcoming inspection, and when VIP’s are arriving from out of town, and in situations where a spill, leaky roof, or construction mess has occurred. On the other hand, if you purchase or lease your Factory Cat floor scrubber from California Sweepers and it ever needs repair, a free rental machine is provided to our customers at no charge during the repair process.

Rent vs Lease
Keep in mind, the cost to rent a Factory Cat floor scrubber on a per day basis is approximately the same or similar cost businesses pay to lease to own each month during their respective lease term. For that reason, the majority of businesses tell us that they prefer to enter into a lease-to-own agreement, because one cleaning per month under a rental agreement is the same or similar cost to possessing the Factory Cat floor scrubber onsite each day of each month under the lease-to-own agreement.