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Why Lease?

California Sweepers is an authorized dealer for Factory Cat industrial floor cleaning equipment in California. We offer a cost-effective lease to acquire a Factory Cat floor scrubber. Contact California Sweepers today and request California Sweepers send you the one page lease form today. California Sweepers can deliver your Factory Cat floor scrubber to your location and train your staff within 24 hours. Almost all of our customers lease their Floor cleaning equipment, It is a fast and easy way to purchase a machine because lets face it no one ever saves up for a scrubber! The advantage of leasing a Factory Cat floor scrubber is in the math. The current cost of “renting” a used floor scrubber for just one day is approximately the same cost you will pay each month when you purchse a unit under a lease agreement. The math shows us that “leasing” vs “renting” is far more cost-effective and far more convenient when you acquire your new machine through California Sweepers.In many instances, no down payment is required to initiate a lease. additionally, your first lease payment is not due until 30 days after you receive your Factory Cat floor scrubber onsite. At the end of the lease you own the machine.Factory Cat floor scrubber lease terms vary from as few as 13 months up to 6 years. Acting wisely means you eliminate the recurring high cost of renting a floor scrubber in favor of a far more cost-effective leasing solution.
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