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Rental Services 

Thank you for your interest in our Rental program. Rental rates and general information are on the following pages. Whether you have a shop with grease and oil, a nut oil problem, food warehouse, production facility or a clean room we have the machines to get the job done. Our floor scrubbers are heavy duty and stand above the crowd in durability and cleanliness. Simple to operate and easy to own. We offer leases and short-term rentals as well.
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Mini-HD Walk Behind Battery Powered Scrubber (with charger)

• 28” scrub path • 27 gallon capacity (Cleans approx. 30k sq.ft./hour) • 3-6 hour run time $220 per day minimum 2 day rental $800.00 per week $2400 per month Effective up to about 60k sq.ft.

Watch Demonstration Video
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Model XR Ride On Battery Powered Scrubber (with charger)

• 40” scrub path • 70 gallon capacity (Cleans approx. 40k sq.ft./hour) • 5-8 hour run time $400 per day minimum 2 day rental $1,600.00 per week $4,800 3 or 4 weeks

Watch Demonstration Video


General Rental Information

  • Pictures and videos are a representation only and may look different in person.

  • Performance of the machine is accurate and true.

  • There is a delivery and pick up fee (depends on location of delivery)We are sorry but due to the design of the machines, we only deliver, machines cannot be picked up at our facility.

  • Soap is $32.50 per quart (this is highly concentrated soap) and uses 2-8 ounces per tank. A tank will clean about 20,000-40,000 sq. ft. (less for really dirty floors).

  • You will use approximately 1 quart for each 30,000 sq. ft. that you have to clean. If it is really dirty or you mix it incorrectly you will use more, you may also use less.

  • Rental rates do not include tax.

  • Subject to availability.

  • Rental ends when you call.

  • Chargers are 110v 15 amp. (to recharge battery powered machines).

  • We will need a ramp to get the scrubber into your facility.

  • We will drop off the machine, show you how to use it, and make sure it is cleaning well before we leave.

  • If you need the machine for a longer term (more than a month) let us know as we have special rates for longer term needs.

  • Propane machines use propane for fuel. We bring it to you with a full tank. If it is not returned full we will fill it and charge you what it costs us.

  • Damage is the customers’ responsibility.

  • We have a rental confirmation to be filled out and faxed back to us before delivery.

  • We do request a credit card for new customers. We can send a credit application, but please allow a few days to process (depends on your creditor’s time to return inquiries).

  • These are short term rental rates. We lease/sell new machines at much lower rates (ex. $200 per month lease to own for a walk-behind).

  • If you do decide to lease or buy within three months of the rental date, we will apply up to one week of the rental charges to your purchase!